Export Google Analytics 4 BigQuery (Service Account) Data

  • Pull keyword suggestions from your Google Analytics 4 BigQuery (Service Account) into one central report.
  • Get all the GGoogle Analytics 4 BigQuery (Service Account) metrics and dimensions you need.
  • Export Google Analytics 4 BigQuery (Service Account) Data to any Database.
  • Integrate Google Analytics 4 BigQuery (Service Account) with data from other advertising platform.
  • Create omni-channel report.
Export Google Analytics 4 BigQuery (Service Account) Data - ElectrikAI

What is Google Analytics 4 BigQuery (Service Account)?

Google Analytics 4 is the latest analytics service by Google to measure traffic and engagement across your websites and apps. It collects event-based data from both websites and apps. Google Analytics 4 is replacing Universal Analytics. If your website currently uses a Universal Analytics property then you must immediately migrate to Google Analytics 4 property, see Make the switch to Google Analytics 4.

Why do you need Electrik.AI’s Google Analytics 4 BigQuery (Service Account) Data Export?

Google Analytics 4 BigQuery (Service Account) extractor by Electrik.AI is designed to export raw events from Google Analytics 4 property linked to your BigQuery dataset and load it into your database. You no longer need to manually export GA4 property data to database neither do you need to bother about unnesting the property data or about merging the multiple events_YYYYMMDD tables.

With Electrik.AI’s Google Analytics 4 BigQuery (Service Account) Extractor, you can get daily report in the database of your choice. Electrik.AI makes it easy to get the data you want so that you can focus on analysis and reporting.

No Software Install: Our solution is completely cloud based you do not need to install any software on your local network.

Easy to Setup: It takes just 3 simple steps to export your Google Analytics 4 Extractor data using Electrik.AI

Choose your Google Analytics 4 Extractor Performance Report: Electrik.AI offers a list of available reports and their dimensions and metrics from Google Analytics 4.

How do I Export Google Analytics 4 Data?

Export Export Google Analytics 4 Extractor Data in three simple steps using Electrik.AI

  1. Connect your Google Analytics linked BigQuery project.
  2. Choose your desired destination.
  3. Create a data flow to Export Google Analytics 4 data to your desired destination.

Why Export Google Analytics 4 data?

By exporting raw data to BigQuery, you own your data, and you can later export it to your favourite warehouse, local drive, data studio or any other external storage and you can also import other marketing platform data for combining it with your analytics data. There are no billing charges associated with exporting data from a Google Analytics 4.

Create multi-account report-ELectrikAI

Create multi-account

Pull data from all your Google Analytics 4 BigQuery (Service Account) accounts into one central report.

Access all your Google Ads data-ElectrikAI

Access all your Google Analytics 4 BigQuery (Service Account) data

Get all the Google Analytics 4 BigQuery (Service Account) metrics and dimensions you need.

Aggregate data from different sources-ElectrikAI

Aggregate data from different sources

Combine data from Google Analytics 4 BigQuery (Service Account) with data from other advertising platforms.

How much does “Google Analytics 4 BigQuery (Service Account) Data Export” cost?

We have a cloud-based subscription model. You can start with a free trial; no credit card is required. If you like the service (we know you will), there is a small fee per month. You can terminate the subscription anytime.

Click here for detailed pricing.

How to setup Google Analytics 4 BigQuery (Service Account) Data Export in Electrik.AI ?

Click here for detailed documentation.

Do you have reporting templates for Google Analytics 4 BigQuery (Service Account)?

Get started with our free templates on Google Data Studio for Google Analytics 4 BigQuery (Service Account) reporting. See all reporting & dashboard templates by Electrik.AI

Does Electrik.AI export data from any other advertising platform?

Yes, view a complete list of Electrik.AI integrations here.

Sample Data for Ad Performance

event_date: 20230501
event_timestamp: 1.68295E+15
event_name: session_start
event_params.key: session_engaged
event_params.value.string_value: null
event_params.value.int_value: 1
event_params.value.float_value: null
event_params.value.double_value: null
event_previous_timestamp: null
event_value_in_usd: null
event_bundle_sequence_id: -1084945641
event_server_timestamp_offset: null
user_id: null
user_pseudo_id: 366804660.2
privacy_info.analytics_storage: null
privacy_info.ads_storage: null
privacy_info.uses_transient_token: No
user_properties.key: null
user_properties.value.string_value: null
user_properties.value.int_value: null
user_properties.value.float_value: null
user_properties.value.double_value: null
set_timestamp_micros: null
user_first_touch_timestamp: 1.66134E+15
user_ltv.revenue: 0
user_ltv.currency: USD
device.category: desktop
device.mobile_brand_name: Microsoft
device.mobile_model_name: Edge
device.mobile_os_hardware_model: null
device.operating_system: Windows
device.operating_system_version: Windows 10

device.vendor_id: null
device.advertising_id: null
device.language: en-us
device.is_limited_ad_tracking: No
time_zone_offset_seconds: null
device.browser: null
device.browser_version: null
device.web_info.browser: Edge
device.web_info.browser_version: 112.0.1722.48
device.web_info.hostname: electrik.ai
geo.continent: Americas
geo.country: United States
geo.region: New York
geo.city: Cross River
geo.sub_continent: Northern America
geo.metro: New York, NY
app_info.id: null
app_info.version: null
app_info.install_store: null
app_info.firebase_app_id: null
app_info.install_source: null
traffic_source.name: (direct)
traffic_source.medium: (none)
traffic_source.source: (direct)
stream_id: 2165184901
platform: WEB
event_dimensions.hostname: null
total_item_quantity: null
purchase_revenue_in_usd: null
purchase_revenue: null
refund_value_in_usd: null
ecommerce.refund_value: null
shipping_value_in_usd: null

shipping_value: null
tax_value_in_usd: null
ecommerce.tax_value: null
ecommerce.unique_items: null
ecommerce.transaction_id: null
items.item_id: null
items.item_name: null
items.item_brand: null
items.item_variant: null
items.item_category: null
items.item_category2: null
items.item_category3: null
items.item_category4: null
items.item_category5: null
items.price_in_usd: null
items.price: null
items.quantity: null
item_revenue_in_usd: null
items.item_revenue: null
item_refund_in_usd: null
items.item_refund: null
items.coupon: null
items.affiliation: null
items.location_id: null
items.item_list_id: null
items.item_list_name: null
items.item_list_index: null
items.promotion_id: null
items.promotion_name: null
items.creative_name: null
items.creative_slot: null