Integrated Marketing Data Warehouse & Customer Data Platform

  • SaaS based data platform.
  • Unified customer journey across all channels.
  • AI driven insights, predictions, and recommendations.
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60% of marketers are using 20+ tools on a regular basis. Collecting and integrating data from these tools is a long and arduous process. And even then, there are no guarantees of data quality. For each marketing platform the marketers must sign in, export data, consolidate and then create reports that will be hopefully consumed by marketing leads, CMO’s and other decision makers.

Electrik.AI automatically connects to each of these data sources and integrates into a cloud data warehouse. It does this without any intervention from the marketers or the IT department. Once the data is populated in the Electrik.AI platform, it is made available to the marketers via reports, alerts and through direct data access.

How it works

  1. Create your free account in Electrik.AI
  2. Choose a source and setup data flows to CMi using our super simple UI.
  3. Start using prebuilt reports and insights.

Start for Free

You can start with a free account. No credit card required.


At any given time, a company may be running ads on multiple platforms. Currently, ad data is locked in their respective ad platforms. Lack of integrated ad data makes it difficult for marketing professionals to allocate budget or take corrective actions.

Electrik.AI provides integrated ad insight by converting this manual process into a single step. Just connect all your ad accounts with Electrik.AI and start exploring your integrated ad insights.

What you get:

  1. Compare ad campaigns across all the ad platforms in a single report.
  2. Identify ads, ad campaigns or ad platforms bringing in most customers.
  3. Take budget reallocation decisions on which ads to stop or promote.
Integrated Ad Insights


With Cross Channel Attribution get sure shot conversion touchpoints and easily interpret the complex buyer journey. A customer can have hundreds of interactions before making a purchase. The challenge lies in figuring out which social posts, content or site page actually influenced his decision to buy. Apply all these interaction, revise how you allocate resources and grow your ROI 5x.
Get answers to questions

  • Which ad channel truly attributed conversions
  • How to measue single touch & multi-touch attribution
  • Which ad channel expend least or most Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
  • Finding attribution by UTM param, pageviews or events or leads


Understanding your audience will lead to serve to their needs better and will ultimately lead to customer retention. Doing customer profiling, planning, penetration, visualization, and segmentation will not only develop strong customer relationship but will greatly increase revenue.

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Analyze customer behavior across touchpoints and over time to measure the impact of customer behavior on business outcomes. Understand how different groups of customers should be targeted with different offers, at the most appropriate times through their preferred channels, to effectively help them advance towards successful outcomes in their journeys.


When the CMO briefs the C-suite meetings, he mainly concentrates on two reports viz marketing’s revenue for the past year/quarter/month and an estimate for the upcoming period. Revenue KPIs have always been the growth driver for any organization and since Pandemic we all know the marketers & consumers are dealing with digital marketing revolution. Revenue insights will bring all the crucial KPI on the table for your c-suite meetings to be lively, productive and vision oriented.

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Measure, analyze, and draw insights from your content’s performance. Identify and understand questions and keywords your target customers use when searching the web in order to get your brand infront of them when it matters the most.


Competitor insights help you understand direct or indirect competitors consumers and the competitors’ strategy within earned, owned and paid media in order to inform strategies and tactics to outperform competition.

  • Identify your competitors in any market
  • Compare their online market shares and growth rate
  • Study more than your direct competition — discover your indirect and aspiring rivals
  • See a full list of websites competing for online visibility in your niche
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