Export Microsoft Bing Ads Data

  • Pull data from all your Microsoft Ads (previously known as Bing Ads) Account into one central report.
  • Get all the Microsoft Ads metrics and dimensions.
  • Export Microsoft Ads Data to any Database.
  • Integrate Microsoft Ads with data from other advertising platforms.
  • Create omni-channel reports.
Export Microsoft Bing Ads Data - ElectrikAI

What is Electrik.AI’s Microsoft Ads Data Export?

Electrik.AI’s Microsoft Ads Data Export is a cloud-based solution to effortlessly replicate all your Microsoft Ads (previously known as Bing Ads) data into a data warehouse in minutes.

No Software Install: Our solution is completely cloud based you do not need to install any software on your local network.

Easy to Setup: It takes just 3 simple steps to export your Choose your Microsoft Ads data using Electrik.AI

Choose your Choose your Microsoft Ads Performance Report : Electrik.AI offers a list of available reports and their dimensions and metrics from Google Ads.

How do I Export Microsoft Ads Data?

Export Microsoft Ads Data in three simple steps using Electrik.AI

  1. Connect your Microsoft Ads account.
  2. Choose your desired destination.
  3. Create a data flow to Export Microsoft Ads data to your desired destination.

Why Export Microsoft Ads Data?

With Microsoft Advertising reports, you can track statistics about your campaigns using selected metrics that matter to you. Running performance reports gained from tracking statistics will help you make informed choices about advertising spend, ad and keyword performance.

Create multi-account report-ELectrikAI

Create multi-account reports

Pull data from all your Microsoft Ads accounts into one central report.

Access all your Google Ads data-ElectrikAI

Access all your Microsoft Ads data

Get all the Microsoft Ads metrics and dimensions you need.

Aggregate data from different sources-ElectrikAI

Aggregate data from different sources

Combine data from Microsoft Ads with data from other advertising platforms.

How much does “Microsoft Ads Data Export” cost?

We have a cloud-based subscription model. You can start with a free trial; no credit card is required. If you like the service (we know you will), there is a small fee per month. You can terminate the subscription anytime.

Click here for detailed pricing.

How to setup Microsoft Ads Data Export in Electrik.AI ?

Click here for detailed documentation.

Do you have reporting templates for Microsoft Ads?

Get started with our free templates on Google Data Studio for Microsoft Ads reporting. See all reporting & dashboard templates by Electrik.AI

Does Electrik.AI export data from any other advertising platform?

Yes, view a complete list of Electrik.AI integrations here.

Sample Data for Ad Performance

accountid: 149039804
accountname: Torana Inc.
accountnumber: F11844RA
accountstatus: Active
addescription: Automate Data Migration Testing of Hadoop & Other Big Data Platforms With iCEDQ
addistribution: Search
adgroupid: 1261140430182240
adgroupname: Database Migration
adgroupstatus: Active
adid: 78821358442339
adstatus: Paused
adtype: Expanded text ad
allconversions: 0
allrevenue: 0
assists: 0
averagecpc: 0
averageposition: 1
basecampaignid: 389316750

bidmatchtype: Broad
campaignid: 389316750
campaignname: Data Migration Testing
campaignstatus: Active
campaigntype: Search & content
clicks: 0
conversions: 0
ctr: 0
currencycode: USD
customerid: 162436566
customername: Torana Inc.
deliveredmatchtype: Exact
deviceos: Android
devicetype: Smartphone
displayurl: icedq.com
finalurl: http://icedq.com/data-migration-testing-tool
impressions: 1

language: English
network: Bing and Yahoo! search
path1: Data-Migration
revenue: 0
spend: 0
snapshot_dt: 43938
titlepart1: DB Migration Testing Tool
titlepart2: Save Your Time & Efforts
topvsother: Bing and Yahoo! search – Top
viewthroughconversions: 0
etl_org: ORG000251
etl_project: PR000253
etl_create_utc_dttm: 44006.67203
etl_update_utc_dttm: 44006.67203
etl_start_utc_dttm: 44006.66811
etl_flow_nm: FL001309
etl_flow_instance_id: FL001309-20200624103037574783
and more..