Export AdRoll Data

  • Get all the AdRoll metrics and dimensions.
  • Export AdRoll Data to any Database,warehouse.
  • Integrate AdRoll data with data from other
    advertising platforms.
  • Create omni-channel reports.
Export AdRoll Data - ElectrikAI

What is AdRoll?

AdRoll is a marketing platform that runs retargeting and prospecting ads aiming social and web audiences. It also concentrates on sending personalized emails and provides remarketing across devices. Retargeting Ads aims for your viewers list and converts these interested viewers into potential buyers/customers. Whereas Prospecting Ads focuses on targeting a new audience.

What is Electrik.AI’s AdRoll Data Export?

Electrik.AI helps you to effortlessly replicate all your AdRoll campaign metrics and dimensions into your data warehouse or a database on a day-to-day basis.

No Software Install: Our solution is completely cloud-based you do not need to install any software on your local network.

Easy to Setup: It takes just 3 simple steps to export your AdRoll data using Electrik.AI.

Choose your AdRoll Performance Report : Electrik.AI offers a list of available reports and their dimensions and metrics from AdRoll.

How do I Export AdRoll Data?

Export AdRoll Data in three simple steps using Electrik.AI.

  1. Connect your AdRoll account.
  2. Choose your desired destination.
  3. Create a data flow to Export AdsRoll data to your desired destination.

Why Export AdRoll Data?

AdRoll API allows you to automate tasks that you usually do on the AdRoll platform. Electrik.AI uses AdRoll API for pulling your campaign and advertisable performance on daily basis at a centralized Database/Data Warehouse. This will give you the flexibility of comparing, analyzing your metrics and generating customized reports for better awareness of your retargeting ads.  

Create multi-account report-ELectrikAI

Create multi-channel reports

Pull data from all your AdRoll Account into one central report.

Access all your Google Ads data-ElectrikAI

Access all your AdRoll account

Get all the AdRoll Account metrics and dimensions you need.

Aggregate data from different sources-ElectrikAI

Aggregate data from different sources

Combine data from AdRoll Account with data from other advertising platforms.

How much does “AdRoll Data Export” cost?

We have a cloud-based subscription model. You can start with a free trial; no credit card is required. If you like the service (we know you will), there is a small fee per month. You can terminate the subscription anytime.

Click here for detailed pricing.

How to setup AdRoll Data Export in Electrik.AI?

Click here for detailed documentation.

Do you have reporting templates for AdRoll?

Get started with our free templates on Google Data Studio for AdRoll reporting. See all reporting & dashboard templates by Electrik.AI

Does Electrik.AI export data from any other advertising platform?

Yes, view a complete list of Electrik.AI integrations here.

Sample Data for Advertisable Performance

name : Electrik AI
isActive : true
isB2B : false
businessUnit : adroll
isAbmCustomer : false
organization : MP4EYIMIY5GPRC6BLANQ3W
status : approved
url : https://electrik.ai
currency : USD
clickThroughConversionWindow : 30
viewThroughConversionWindow : 7
createdDate : 2021-04-23T19:17:16Z
revshareViewPercent : 1
revshareClickPercent : 1
date : 2021-05-01
impressions : 370
clicks : 1
clickCPA : null
cost : 6.425485
cpc : 6.425485
cpa : 6.425485
cpm : 17.366176
conversions : 1
clickThroughs : 0
ctr : 0.27027
viewCPA : 6.425485
viewThroughs : 1
revenue : 0
clickRevenue : 0
viewRevenue : 0
averageOrderValue : 0
ctcRate : 0
vtcRate : 0.27027
roas : null
clickROAS : null

viewROAS : null
roi : null
clickROI : null
viewROI : null
influencedThroughs : null
influencedRevenue : null
audienceSizeNew : null
audienceSizeTotal : null
newVisitors : null
engagedVisitors : null
bouncedVisitors : null
nonBouncedVisitors : null
newVisitorCost : null
engagedVisitorCost : null
bounceRate : null
dailyNewVisitors : null
dailyEngagedVisitors : null
dailyBounceRate : 0
dailyNewVisitorCost : null
dailyEngagedVisitorCost : null
sends : null
opens : null
openRate : null
emailScheduled : null
emailSentUnconfirmed : null
emailBounced : null
emailSentConfirmed : null
emailDeliveryRate : null
emailMarkedSpam : null
emailUniqueMarkedSpam : null
emailUniqueOpen : null
emailUniqueOpenRate : null
emailUniqueClick : null
emailUniqueClickRate : null

emailUniqueUnsubscribers : null
emailUniqueUnsubscribeRate : null
emailUnsubscribers : null
videoImpressions : null
videoViews : null
videoTwentyFivePercent : null
videoFiftyPercent : null
videoSeventyFivePercent : null
videoHundredPercent : null
videoCompletionRate : null
frequency : 4.21
siteBounceRate : 0
siteNewVisitors : null
siteNewVisitorsNot : 104
siteEngaged : null
siteEngagedNot : 12
siteEngagedNewVisitors : null
siteEngagedNewVisitorsNot : 10
siteAddToCart : null
siteAddToCartNot : null
siteConverters : null
siteConvertersNot : null
siteReturningVisitors : null
siteReturningVisitorsNot : 10
convCountImpRate01 : null
convCountImpRate12 : null
convCountImpRate23 : null
convCountImpRate34 : null
convCountImpRate4 : null
nonConvCountImpRate01 : 339
nonConvCountImpRate12 : 19
nonConvCountImpRate23 : 10
nonConvCountImpRate34 : 0
nonConvCountImpRate4 : 1
and more…