Export LinkedIn Page Analytics Data

  • Pull data from your LinkedIn account – Page Analytics Data into one central report.
  • Get all the LinkedIn Page metrics and dimensions.
  • Export LinkedIn Page Analytics Data to any Database, Data Warehouse.
  • Integrate LinkedIn Page Analytics Data with data from other advertising platforms.
  • Create omni-channel reports.
Export LinkedIn Page Statistics - ElectrikAI

What is LinkedIn Page Analytics Data?

You have created a company page or showcase page and you are posting all the right things to promote your business, brand, products, and services. Now don’t you want to know how your page is performing? LinkedIn analytics data helps you understand your page visitor demographics, frequency of page views and gives detailed page insights. Knowing and analyzing the page statistics will give you better understanding of your viewers, followers and the reach or engagement of your posts, pages, videos over time and helps in better projecting your content.

Why do you need Electrik.AI’s LinkedIn Page Analytics Data Export?

Just having analytical data is not enough if you don’t exactly know which metrics to analyze? Also, logging to your LinkedIn account and exporting the selected timeframe data can be cumbersome and might lead to exhausting your energy in fetching the data rather than analyzing it. Electrik.AI helps you automate effortless replication of all the important LinkedIn Page KPIs into your own data warehouse or a database on a day-to-day basis. Pulling data into your own repository will be helpful for creating custom reports about the follower growth rate, follower demographics, like count, share count and engagement rate continually and will give more time to analyze with zero exporting effort.

No Software Install: Our solution is completely cloud based you do not need to install any software on your local network.

Easy to Setup: It takes just 3 simple steps to export your LinkedIn Page Analytics Data using Electrik.AI.

Choose your LinkedIn Page Performance Report: Electrik.AI offers a list of available reports and their dimensions and metrics from LinkedIn Page.

  • Page Statistics – This report provides daily statistics on views and clicks achieved for an organization page.
  • Follower Statistics – This report provides daily followers statistics for an organization.
  • Lifetime Demographic Stats – This report provides lifetime follower counts (paid or organic) segmented by 7 demographic facets such as association, country, function, region, seniority, staff count range (of the current organizations of the followers) and industry. The results for any individual facet are limited to the top 100 results. For example, if a page has followers in more than 100 countries, only the top 100 countries will be returned.
  • Share Statistics – This report provides total share statistics like impressions, clicks, comment count, share count, like count on daily basis.

How do I Export LinkedIn Page Analytics Data?

Export LinkedIn Page Statistics in three simple steps using Electrik.AI

  1. Connect your LinkedIn Page account.
  2. Choose your desired destination.
  3. Create a data flow to Export LinkedIn Page Analytics Data to your desired destination.

Why Export LinkedIn Page Analytics Data?

You have a LinkedIn Page created but you just don’t know how your page is performing? Do you know which page content got the highest engagement? Or how many page views did you get today? Do you want to compare and analyze your follower growth rate, follower demographics, like count, share count and engagement rate on daily basis?

You can export all these important KPIs into your data warehouse or database. Pulling all the important KPIs in your data warehouse or database will give you the liberty of creating custom reports, analyzing and sharing the stats as per your convenience.

You can track statistics about your page using selected metrics that matter to you. Running performance reports gained from tracking statistics will help you make informed choices about your visitors, content reach and employee advocacy.

Create multi-account report-ELectrikAI

Create multi-channel

Pull data from all your LinkedIn Page accounts into one central report.

Access all your Google Ads data-ElectrikAI

Access all your LinkedIn Page Analytics Data

Get all the LinkedIn Page metrics and dimensions you need.

Aggregate data from different sources-ElectrikAI

Aggregate data from different sources

Combine analytics data from LinkedIn Page with data from other advertising platforms.

How much does “LinkedIn Page Analytics Data Export” cost?

We have a cloud-based subscription model. You can start with a free trial; no credit card is required. If you like the service (we know you will), there is a small fee per month. You can terminate the subscription anytime.

Click here for detailed pricing.

How to setup LinkedIn Page Analytics Data Export in Electrik.AI ?

Click here for detailed documentation.

Do you have reporting templates for LinkedIn Page?

Get started with our free templates on Google Data Studio for LinkedIn Page reporting. See all reporting & dashboard templates by Electrik.AI.

Does Electrik.AI export data from any other advertising platform?

Yes, view a complete list of Electrik.AI integrations here.

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