iO - Prebuilt Data Pipelines

What is iO?

iO is a collection of prebuilt data pipelines to load marketing data into your data warehouse.
Using iO you can load marketing data in three easy steps.

  1. Connect your marketing data source.
  2. Choose your destination, it can be a database or a cloud file storage.
  3. Sit back and watch your data being loaded in your destination.

What are Connections?

In Electrik.AI, you create connections to different third party tools or platform to export data to your Electrik.AI project or to other enabled integrated tool.

Connections can be classified into two categories:

  1. Source Connections
  2. Destination Connections

What are Data Flows?

Data flows are fully managed prebuilt data pipelinesIt provides the ability to 

  1. Automate marketing data export from your multi-platform marketing accounts.
  2. Integrate & Load various marketing campaigns into a desired database/data warehouse. 
  3. Stay notified about all your multi-platform ad campaigns KPIs.