MySQL is one of the most popular Open Source SQL database management system, is developed, distributed, and supported by Oracle Corporation.

Electrik.AI exports data from your marketing data source to a database destination of your choice. It is important to note that Electrik.AI itself is not a destination. A destination is required to export data from various marketing data sources using Electrik.AI

Create MySQL connection in Electrik.AI

Step 1: Ensure you have following prerequisites to create a MySQL Connection in Electrik.AI

        1. Database Connection Details such as Host, Port, DB Name, DB User, DB Password.
        2. Configure your firewall (if any) to allow access from our IP addresses.
        3. Make sure to change the following configurations in my.ini file can be found at

      <path\MySQL\MySQL Server x.x\bin\>

    innodb_log_file_size=512M and innodb_strict_mode=0

(This is for handling innodb_log_file_size which is too small will trigger a “Row size too large error.” For more info click here)

Step 2: Signup for your Electrik.AI account

Step 3: Sign-in into your Electrik.AI account

Step 4: Select IO in Electrik.AI dashboard

Select IO in Electrik.AI dashboard-ElectrikAI

Step 5: Select the Connections Icon in the left most panel and Click on “Add” button the top.

Add Connections-ElectrikAI
Step 5b Add Connections-ElectrikAI

Step 6: Select Target tab and now click on “MySQL” connection.

Step 6 Click on MySQL-ElectrikAI

Step 7: Enter MySQL database connection details and click on “Save”.

Step 7 Enter MySQL database and click on Save-ElectrikAI

Congratulations you have successfully created a MySQL database connection in Electrik.AI

Congratulations you have successfully created a MySQL database connection-ElectrikAI